By: Kevin Magnus

Every time this year we look into this season,
To find ourselves, to find a reasonÖ
A reason, to why this holiday is so special to you,
Have your answer, itís right there this is nothing new.
For me, my friend, my reason is for God, Love, and Family I find,
With these three things my life is one of a kind.
For my God, who I believe up above,
Who sits in the heavens higher then the doves.
For the love of my life,
Which is none other than my wife.
For my family, my Sister, Mother, Brother, and my son,
To have you all in my life, I am truly the blessed one.
God, love, and family you see,
All I need is the collection of these three.
I have it all, that a person could need,
Believe what I said, take it to heed.
Without this I would have no reason to live on,
To spend life alone with every dawn.
For God, love, and family this I do hold deep,
With every passing moment I wish I could keep.
And never get caught up in lifeís test,
Yes, my friend I can say Iím truly blessed.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus has been a poet for almost seven years and has been a contributor to The World of Myth since issue number one. After taking a short hiatus to find his purpose in life, he returns and looks to begin a new trek with brand new and better poetry.

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