Interview with Randolph R. Lofgren
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Greetings to all you lost and twisted souls, I am not here by any mistake. My chains will bind me no more, I am free to once again terrorize this world. More than death, more than pain and I bring with me the fires of Hell. No longer am I bound by the rules of this world and certainly not by anyone.

I have been drawn back here from the void of space and darkness itself yet again by your desire to watch writers and artists alike squirm and quiver with fear at the very mention of my name.

I am the one, the only, the... MYTH MASTER!

Nothing says I love you like family betrayal and that is what has brought me my victim today. Our dearest leader David has 'donated' his younger brother Randolph Lofgren to my clutches.

Let us begin. I hunger for your fear, your blood and your answers.

Myth Master: Tell us where you want to see yourself creatively in 5 years.

Randolph R. Lofgren: Where do I see my self? Interesting question. First, I must tell you a little saying I believe in: Ask, Believe, Receive. Basically, what I mean is that you must believe see what you want or believe. Manifest what you want. So where do I see me, right now talking to you Myth Master; you telling me how successful I am, everything I have done is awesome and how my poems have been the best in the world.

Myth Master: Nice try. Your conceit is noted.

Myth Master: How has the birth of your son inspired you?

Randolph R. Lofgren: So the birth name of my son. Well, it's like this, you play the lottery for so long and never expect to win. Well I guess what I won and no one can take this away from me. I got this. [laughs]

Myth Master: I have read the part of your mind that you want all to see and it seems that Nu Wave Comix comes up. What are some of the plans for that?

Randolph R. Lofgren: The plans for Nu Waveare as follows: A concept that is new to Nu Wave all that can and will be, will be a potential for it. For sure music is the biggest part, but, may have some way that my poems will touch the world.

Myth Master: You have given away the fact that you are a pod caster as well. Do indulge me. Or Else.

Randolph R. Lofgren: It's like this, I will, in detail, tell of a lot of my life and give my insight about our world today as is.

Myth Master: MY thirst continues to grow, it has been far too long since I have ...Oh! Where was I?

Myth Master: Let's see what else I can find, ah have pets and they are dear to you. What inspired the names Dreamer and Meshelle?

Randolph R. Lofgren: My pets—ah yes, there is Meshelle, she's been with me for nine years, now. She saved my life twice. Sometime ago people came into my house and tried to kill me; she kept me alive and kicking long enough for the help to come.

As for Dreamer (my other dog), I needed a protector, one to watch over me. She will not let anyone hurt me—I love and adore them. So my dog Meshelle, how'd she get her name: well, it came with her. [laughs] When I got her from a family, their kids named her and as for Dreamer, well, it said that dogs have no subconscious. If that were true, then they also could not dream. In turn, the name Dreamer came from her dreaming and boy, does she dream about running and playing.

Myth Master: You forgot the mention the part where they are tasty when grilled up and slathered in barbecue sauce!!

Now then, enough of the easy crap. Let's find something darker, more painful because I'm still starving.

Shall we?

Myth Master: You seem to be the type of guy who has a set of unusual setbacks, including overcoming some severe health issues and a broken back. Do you feel these set backs were unfair?

Randolph R. Lofgren: I believe unusual setbacks is the right way to say it. It's just about being in Hell, but, through it all I have learned something and I will keep it with me to the end! Unfair? Well, Hell yes, it is and was, but I had to still keep going. You know what I mean?

Myth Master: You overcame cancer as a teen, this could not have been easy, I'm sure there was anger and frustration involved. Tell us about that journey some.

Randolph R. Lofgren: Well I can only tell you that I wish this on no one. It was really hard for me, just to say I'm a survivor through it all—I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Myth Master: Tell us how those darker occurrences inspire you, your writing (creativity) or your life?

Randolph R. Lofgren: My darker occurrences have lead me toward the light and that's all I'm really willing to say about that.

Myth Master: *SIGH..."boo". *Rolls eyes.

Myth Master: Three heart attacks, what bliss. Did you see the after life?

Randolph R. Lofgren: So three heart attacks. You want to know about the after life? Well, it's not pretty.

Myth Master: So they still have those horrid curtains, huh?

Myth Master: Have you seen the face of death? If so, do tell.

Randolph R. Lofgren: So I have seen the face of Death. Well, you would ask me that and it's a little complicated. Death was for sure. He came swift and left fast, but I didn't end up where I was supposed to be. Yeah, that night I went to Hell. Yep, if you're thinking, if I met the Devil; he looked nice enough, but smelt like death and destruction. Oh yeah, I almost sold my soul, but this great light with so much power came above me and said: "Not now, he's mine!" I'm sure it was Jesus, because I awoke in a hospital with my mom by my side, "She was saying please Lord, don't take my son. Please forgive him once more with one more chance." And that's, that.

Myth Master: Don't worry, I always have Death on speed dial my friend.

Myth Master: Your darkest moment please.

Randolph R. Lofgren: My darkest moment is, of course, being at the cross road with the Devil and him trying to buy my soul. It's not what one thinks, it's all that they want and will not ever want to know what I learned wasn't good. But, it was needed to keep me on the path of righteousness.

Myth Master: If you want to shamelessly promote yourself or upcoming work, do that now.

Randolph R. Lofgren: Well, I'm starting Nu Wave Comix and also there's a book of poems that's coming out from the newly resurrected Dark Myth Publications. We've agreed on What will be, Will be, and hope that inspires the world because the world inspires me.

Thanks to everyone's support, I truly hope readers enjoy my poems in this issue and future submissions here in the page of The World of Myth!

I'm Randolph Lofgren and I'm out, peace.

Myth Master: You think it will be that easy, do you?

No. It shall not.

With the wave of my bony hand I whisk you off to the year 1667 aboard a vessel bound for Tortuga, you are of course the captain of this ship along with a small ornery, infected, filth-ridden crew. There you will find yourself a highly wanted man and it has been my pleasure to inform the royal navy of your whereabouts. Did I mention there is a gaping hole in the hull and your taking on water?

This will be fun. Not for you so much, but totally for me.

It's great to be back. Let this be a warning you sniveling little bitches, I have returned far more evil and far more powerful than ever I was.