Review of Chasing Echoes by Jodi Perkins
By: Luna Lupine

Several people in my book club, have been talking about how wonderful this book was, I jumped at the opportunity when my publisher asked me to do a review of Chasing Echoes written by current TwoM alumni Jodi Perkins.

I went to our archive and read Mrs. Perkins' short story Thirst, to wet my whistle (pun intended) with her writing style. Once I cracked the book open was taken aback by just how good this story was!

As I read the story, the question of what genre was it exactly continued to pop into my head, as it was certainly a fantasy tale, but there were plenty of twists and turn to classified it as a thriller/suspense.

When my published asked me to give the book a read, he guaranteed me that I'd be sucked in by the conclusion of chapter one. I was skeptical, how often does an author start with such a powerful opener, but Perkins met the challenge. The way she introduced the main character, who she was and what exactly was Taz capable of doing. I absorbed the first chapter in a few minutes and I was in, completely invested and ready for more!

There was something special about the way the author assembled her words to create a sentence that clings to your emotions and paints such a clear picture that I could see everything perfectly.

When I read the back of the book I will be honest, I was somewhat iffy. Quoting the book: Topaz Aevos can make things fall with a single glance. Of all the random and bizarre powers that she and her three sisters were born with, hers is clearly the most useless. That is, until New Year's Eve. When high school senior Stryder Black executes a cruel joke, Taz uses her powers, and all hell breaks loose. But, the plot was strong! So damn strong! I first though okay, is this a female super-hero story (to be fair, the publisher is a known comic book nerd), because the back cover talked about Taz's powers. But, this story is far from it! It goes back to what I said earlier about how to categorize the story, is it a fantasy? Yes! Is it a Science Fiction? Yes! Is it a thriller? Yes!

Okay, I need to add a bit of critiquing, since I'm raving about the book. I think the best form of critique I can offer is that, although the first chapter sucked me in afterward it slows to a crawl for about two-thirds of the novel. Now, don't get me wrong, Perkins does a fantastic job building the story, the plot and the characters but it does slow the pacing way down.

Speaking of Characters, I adore the characterization of each individual injected into the tale. I gravitate toward Taz. I would like to think that we are a lot alike intelligent, witty, and at time quite fiery! Also, I think also worth noting is how the sister get along and interact with each other, I only with that my family dynamics with my siblings were treasured as much as the four sisters.

So, I've gushed about the sisters, let's talk about Stryder, shall we? I find it interesting that he started out as the standard "BAD BOY" as the stereotypical player with the girls and overall Jerk wad! I took me a long time for Styder to meet my fancy, while I loved the slow character transformation I'm not as forgiving as Taz.

I'll be honest here, I'm not for love stories, but the slow building romance did something to me on a personal level as a reader. I know I've said this, but Jodi Perkins does a beautiful job in crafting this tale of love and adventure.

I think a big treat comes at the end after the Epilogue, we get a special preview of the sequal called Black Lilies!

Also after I finished the book, I did a brief google because I wanted to find out more about the next book and found that Mrs. Perkins website and that it contains a blog. It says that she is currently submersed in writing the Black Lilies! I'm excited to return to the world of Taz and her sisters, but until then I'll enjoy her short stories for here on The World of Myth.

So for Jodi Perkins' YA Novel Chasing Echoes, I award 4 and a half time-looping stars! Again, I recommend this book. I found it to be an enjoyable read and… is that a full moon I see outside? It's so compelling.

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