Interview with Stephanie Bardy
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Welcome back to my lair, please welcome my delightful little spitfire of an interviewee, Stephanie Bardy.

As always I am you gracious and giving host, who has nothing but the best of intentions for his guests.

–*sarcastic laughter–*

Anyways, here we go!

Myth Master: Okay, do stuff. Tell us something.

Stephanie Bardy: I am a forty (something) year old small town girl. I grew up in Southern Ontario Canada, in a town of seventeen thousand. I have three kids, twenty-seven (boy), twenty-five (boy), seventeen (girl), and a husband, although most of the time it's more like four kids, and three amazing grand babies. I have been a dreamer, creator of stories, and writer for as long as I can remember. I mostly wrote poetry, as it comes very easy to me, then I started writing down all the day dreams I had. Let me tell you, I can have some pretty good day dreams! My first book, Eternally Bound took me over 10 years to write. I doubt myself all the time, and procrastinate. I am fluent in the art of procrastination. My second and third book are already well under way though, so I seem to have found a loop hole in the procrastination.

I work for a basket making/delivery shop at the moment, but am hoping to dominate the world through my written word. I was a bookkeeper for many years, and found my excitement getting lost in my own head.

I do other things besides write, like sew, and garden. I am a very earthy type person, some would say tree huger, but I find the bark a little scratchy.

Myth Master: Encouragement from a teacher in your life?

Stephanie Bardy: I owe my love of the written word to my Grade 10 English Teacher Mr. Phillips. He sparked the desire to be a writer in me and it has never wavered.

Myth Master: Inspiration for Huntress?

Stephanie Bardy: As a child I was molested. I have found many woman my age suffered the same as children. As an adult I still carried those feelings of shame and guilt even though I knew it wasn't my fault. I followed the proper channels, had him taken to court but it still felt unfinished to me. Writing The Huntress was very cathartic and therapeutic for me. Ending his hold over me and finally burying it in the past where it belonged.

Myth Master: You said your first novel is about to be published, are you more relieved that it's done or scared that it's 'out there' now?

Stephanie Bardy: I have to admit, having it 'out there' scares the daylights out of me. Perfect strangers reading something I put my heart and soul into. Like releasing your child into the world. Will they be liked, picked on, laughed at. Or will everyone love them. Feels just like that.

Myth Master: I've done some stalking…AND

Myth Master: Beyond the known paranormal is an organization on FaceBook? Tell us some about that.

Stephanie Bardy: Wow…you ARE good. I have been a paranormal investigator for many years. Mostly doing private homes. I have always felt a connection to the other side and have researched and learned how to clear a space and really help people. I have an awesome dedicated crew.

Myth Master: Do you feel that day dreams could be a form of conscious astral projection?

Stephanie Bardy: Yes and no. If you are just letting your mind wander, letting the story unfold then no. Conscious astral projection takes concentration, intent and focus. Like where you want to go or who you want to see. A daydream is just that, a fantasy created by the unconscious mind.

Myth Master: What's the hardest life lesson you have learned?

Stephanie Bardy: The hardest for me is forgiveness. I'm still working on that. Not just forgiving others but also forgiving myself.

Myth Master: I hear you are a fan of the website, how long?

Stephanie Bardy: I could lie and say since day one, but, I'm nothing if not honest. I first heard about the magazine a while ago, started reading it, signed up for the notifications, I fell in love with the varying forms of art, from different genre's of story, to poetry , and artwork. I submitted my first story and poem, and the rest is history…or herstory…mystory?

Myth Master: What do you feel is something that the website could improve upon?

Stephanie Bardy: Oh sure, open THAT can of worms why don't you…well…remember you asked…the section that says Member of the Month and Winner's Podcast…where are the podcasts? Or the links to said podcasts? I was going to listen to them, and either I am seriously technically impaired…stop laughing…or, they simply don't exist. If the magazine is no longer doing podcasts then I think that should be changed.

I love the opening artwork, as the doorway into the magazine, but it would be interesting to know why that was chosen. what the story is behind that particular piece. I think that is it…for now…

Myth Master: Religion?

Stephanie Bardy: Eek…that's a loaded question. I follow an earth based, polytheistic spiritual path. Some say witch,, I say woman with a connection to nature, a well stocked herb shelf, a bit of an attitude…and a really good broom.

Myth Master: Why should I spare you?

Stephanie Bardy: Well, slaying is rather personal, we hardly know each other, at least buy me dinner first. Besides, I'm fun. I could be of use somewhere, somehow, some day…in the distant future, down the road. Or is it an honor to not be spared? On the other hand, as a paranormal investigator, to be slain would be an excellent opportunity for research!

Myth Master: Death?

I have to think on that…hmmm…Thelma and Louise style. Going off a cliff in a kick ass car, smoke in one hand, margarita in the other, screaming "what a rush!" on my way down, while being chased by half naked men on roller blades a la Monty Python. Although I really think I earned the right to be spared. I have been very prompt in my replies and followed all your rules. Just saying. I will also make a vengeful ghost…I will find you.

This wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe. You are a lot nicer than they say. But I won't tell…or will I?

Myth Master: NO. You will not live to tell the tale I'm afraid. While I find your banter witty and your responses quick and giving. I am not merciful, maybe back in the day when I was a mortal…

Myth Master:

Stephanie Bardy: Why are his eyes all rolled back in his head? Did I break him?

Myth Master: … mortal… mmm…ugh

Stephanie Bardy: Oh crap, crap, crap, crap. I think I broke him. Dave Montoya is gonna be so angry, I think I'll just show myself out…

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