Interview with Jason Bechard
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Be warned. I AM BACK!

It seems I had a temporary relapse and my mind wandered about the infinite depths of insanity.

It was such a nice trip.


This month's victim was recommended by one our fan's who identified himself only as Evan, so we must all give a little wink to Evan.

–everybody together now– Thanks Evan.

Without further ado let us begin.

Please welcome our very own Jason Bechard…

Myth Master: You should know the drill Jason, do the thing…

Tell us stuff…

Jason Bechard: What about me?

44–years old, Canadian, Married, 3 Kids and 1 Granddaughter.

I watch way too many movies and TV shows, Idolize/Obsessed with Kevin Smith, avid comic book fan, although haven't really collected for a long time.

Professional wrestling fan for most of my life.(NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING IS WHERE IT'S AT!)

Joined The Movie Madhouse Podcast over 5 years ago, which let's me vent out a lot of opinions regarding Movies and TV shows.

Stemming from my connections on the podcast, I am a part of a local, independent film company, JX3 Media, which has a few short films available online, and multiple projects in various stages of post production.

Having been inspired by my sons work in High School musical productions, I have been a recurring cast member for a local theater production company, Studio Black. I have been a part of 4 productions in the last 2 and a half years, with a 5th production in the works, as we speak.

Myth Master: So what is the obsession with Kevin Smith?

Jason Bechard: Kevin Smith is "me". A husky kid who followed his dreams, and made good on them, something I have only tried to do in recent years. His early movies "spoke" to me. His characters were me and my friends. They talked like us, acted like us. Okay, maybe not exactly like us, but like us turned up to 11!

Then, he started talking for real. When I experienced the first episode of 'Evening with Kevin Smith' it was astonishing to me! This Celebrity was telling real stories, real "peek behind the curtain" stuff! Stories that didn't really make Entertainment news headlines, but were fascinating! And again, he tells the stories just like me and my friends tell stories. He progresses on this path of "oversharing".

More Q+A's, which he makes a career out of. He sees a new frontier, and becomes an early adopter to the Podcast, which allows him to continue sharing his life with us, and allows him to start pulling in some of his friends, whom we have only heard stories about, or seen in his films. He builds a successful podcast network, with many different shows, on many different topics! My very first experience with Smodcast, which I was a little late to the party for, was an episode with Kevin and his "Gay Bear" friend, Malcolm Ingram, at a Gay Bear Convention.

I am a confident, heterosexual male, but this stuff was mesmerizing. Funny and informative!

One of Kevin's best friends, Jason Mewes (Jay to his Silent Bob), has had a long history of drug abuse. They started doing a podcast, as a way to keep Jay busy, to tell his story, and try to keep him in the straight and narrow. Jay is now 8 years sober, married with a 3 year old daughter, owns his own home in Hollywood, and is a burgeoning actor and filmmaker in his own right!

Back to Kevin…

He is "one of us". A comic book geek! Loves pop culture. A mainstay at San Diego Comic–Con. A REAL FANBOY! As if he wasn't relatable enough already!

His latest trend in film making, although not as well received, has been bizarre, twisted horror tales, that you will not find anywhere else! He is making movies nobody else would want to make, and having fun doing it! What's not to love?

Kevin Smith is an inspiration to guys(and gals) like me!

And if sexual favors will get me some one–on–one time with the man, I am okay with that!

Myth Master: This isn't that kind of interview.

Myth Master: Can you tell us more about Movie Madhouse podcast?

Again, this starts with Kevin Smith. 5+ years ago. Kevin started "challenging" his listeners to make their own podcasts. Everyone is interesting to someone out there. You and your friends sit around telling funny jokes and stories, all the time. Record those conversations, and you have yourself a podcast!

So, my buddy, "THE CHAMP" Mike Lutz, got together with another friend, Rob Bellamy, an avid independent filmmaker, to do a podcast, which they called The Movie Madhouse. Originally, they discussed their current film project, A Heart's Journey, but they knew they were going to start branching into other film discussions. Mike invited me on to the pod, to discuss…Kevin Smith, of course. Episode 5 of the The Movie Madhouse, I joined Mike and Rob, gushed about my boy Kevin, and something just clicked. I latched onto them like a barnacle! I kept coming back every week, they kept letting me! We have talked about so many things in the film industry, but it is an endless well!

Movie Madhouse has evolved over the years. Mike has ventured off on his own path. Rob has pulled in another co–host, James Taylor, who has been a welcome addition, and is essentially an encyclopedia of film knowledge! My "Day Job" has erratic scheduling, so I don't get to be on the pod regularly, But I still pop in every few weeks, to vent my film love, cleanse my palette if you will. My family doesn't share my love for films so the podcast is my primary outlet to let it all out! I love it!

Myth Master: Your involvement with The World of Myth?

Jason Bechard: I have been writing a movie review column, for The World of Myth Magazine for 6 months now, since my "Day Job" work schedule hinders my ability to be a part of the podcast, on a regular basis. The World of Myth helps me "get my fix" for spewing some movie watching opinions.

Myth Master: Projects?

Jason Bechard: Currently in pre–production for a 15–Second Horror film challenge project. Yes, you read that right, 15 SECONDS. Wrote, directed, and co–starred in a goofy short– film, comedy, based on the podcast, The Movie Madhouse: The Hollywood Birth of a Podcast, available on YouTube.

Directed a short film, Bargaining, for an anthology film, Life In Stages, which should see public release soon. Also, acted in one of the other shorts, Denial, for the same anthology.

Myth Master: So it seems as though you have a lot of involvement in projects that involve movies, What you hope to be able achieve one day

Jason Bechard: I have already achieved my first film making dream. I wrote, directed, and starred in my own short film, The Movie Madhouse: The "Hollywood" Birth of a Podcast. This was a dream come true! I made a movie! Sure it's "low–rent" indie. Sure it's not perfect. But it's mine! My vision! And this led to my relationship with JX3 Media, Rob Bellamy's production company, which led to me being a part of a few other projects.

I have been a Production Assistant(Helper Monkey), Boom Mic operator, Cameraman, Producer, and even directed another short film, which is a part of an anthology film, that should be released soon! My film making ambitions are small, because I can't invest a lot of time into them. (Gots to pay the bills,Y'all!) But I have a few ideas, and I will keep trying to produce them, when I can.

We are about to shoot a 15–second Horror film, for the 15–Second Horror Film Challenge, which will feature my 1–year old granddaughter, Edyn! I am really looking forward to that!

Myth Master: What is one thing about you that most people don't know?

Oh boy! TRUTH BOMB! I, quietly, live in a constant state of regret, fear, and inadequacy. (Who doesn't? I know.)

I seriously doubt and second–guess myself at every turn! I have made so many mistakes in my life, that I feel like I just can't win! I know I have a lot of great things, and especially people, in my life. I know I don't have it "that bad". But, everyday, my mind, and heart, tell me I am failing. Most days, I am able to choke it down enough to push on, and do what I need to do. Some days are better than others. But, I am not ready to curl up and die, just yet.

Myth Master: Would you like to promote yourself, podcast or etc in any way, just do that during this question ;)

Please check out The Movie Madhouse Podcast for some fun film talk!

Please check out my monthly Movie Review article, Hey, I watched this!, at The World of Myth Magazine.

For some great indie content, including The Movie Madhouse: The "Hollywood" Birth of a Podcast, check out

And if you happen to be in the Chatham, Ontario, Canada area, November 23rd–24th/2018, come see me, and my fellow cast mates, in a spectacular production of A Christmas Carol: The Musical, at the beautiful Chatham Capitol Theatre!

Myth Master: As always I allow my victims to choose a preferred method of death…

Jason Bechard: After having spent a lovely day with my family, I decide to take a leisurely stroll, on my own, to ponder my life and what lies ahead. A meteorite barrels down through the atmosphere, the intense heat from the atmospheric entry vaporizes most the meteorite's mass, but the remaining golf–ball sized chunk, hurtles toward me. It strikes me, dead center of the back of my head, lodging inside my skull.

That velocity propels me into a forward somersault, directly into the path of a passing 1984 Volkswagen Jetta, being driven by a middle–aged high school science teacher, who just wants to get home, so he can poop in peace. As my torso strikes the front of the car, my body is rag dolled, ass–over–tea kettle, over the top of the car, and lands directly in the path of an approaching steamroller(they are repaving the street a few yards away).

My body is now permanently pressed into the street, forever marking my final resting place.

Unless the mysterious chunk of meteorite gives me "Super Powers", in which case, I become an immortal overlord, but what's the chances of that?

Myth Master: –closes gaped jaw–

That is very specific and I am hard pressed to beat something so majestic and artfully crafted.

So, I'll allow it.

Just the death thing, no super powers. I love how you are 'marking' your death spot. I even giggled a little.

Myth Master: As always I invite and challenge you all to create with passion on this website and maybe, just maybe you'll get my attention. If you consider that a good thing.

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