By: Kevin 'C.W. Winters' Adams

Hello everyone! My name is C.W. Winters, I was brought in to conduct this special "Where are they Now?" Interview for The World of Myth Magazine. The reason I was brought in was that I was the only person to ever conduct an interview with today's guest, and everyone thought it would be cool to have me come back and do a follow up session almost ten years later.

With that said, today's guest was once the Chairman, CFO and President of Dark Myth Production Studios and Editor in Chief of Dark Myth Comics, please help me in welcoming Mister Mario E. Martinez. First, thank you Mister Martinez for allowing us to sit down with you after all of this time. So, let see what kind of questions we have for you today, shall we?

Mario E. Martinez: Okay, sounds great!

C.W. Winters: You have been noted in the history books as one of the most influential figures of this company's past, one that rivals Terry Scheerer and David K. Montoya. Do you have a favorite memory during that time?

Mario E. Martinez: I'm flattered and honored but I don't feel I'm on either of their levels but, thank you. My favorite memory would have to be the nights working on company projects with Mr. Montoya while being at work. Great times and great memories.

C.W. Winters: I know that it has been many years ago, but what would you say was your best contribution to the company?

Mario E. Martinez: It has been a long time! I feel my best contribution was while I was EiC of Dark Myth Comics. At one point, we had I believe, three full teams working on three different comic books. So, helping put together those teams I feel is my best contribution.

C.W. Winters: With the good, comes the bad, what would you say was the most trying time for you during that period?

Mario E. Martinez: The most trying time, is when it looked like we were going to have all three comics in print. And then, the recession hit and everything fell apart slowly. It still hurts.

C.W. Winters: The last time we publicly heard from you was after the statement made in your final press release. Did you go on and form a new comic book company after Dark Myth?

Mario E. Martinez: Yes, my wife and I started Royalty Comics. We had two titles we were going to publish Majestic and the Saints. Majestic #1 made it to print and the Saints #1 never made it past lettering. All do to the recession. Again when talking about this subject it still hurts.

C.W. Winters: After you left the world of entertainment, where did you go next?

Mario E. Martinez: I got out of the business side of things completely. I even stopped reading comics. I couldn't tell you any of these new writers or artists names if it were for a million dollars. I've just begun to get back into comics over the past 3–4 years.

C.W. Winters: Since we last spoke, two of your three kids have moved out. As a dad, have you started experiencing empty nest syndrome?

Mario E. Martinez: Sadly yes, two of my kids have since moved out. But, I'm very proud of what they are doing. My oldest son attends the University of La Verne and my daughter is in the Army. I get the empty nest syndrome every once in awhile. I even catch myself yelling their names to come look at something or watch a movie. I'm still adjusting.

C.W. Winters: Over the past few years digital comics has really taken off, which leads me to a two part question: First is have you stayed a fan of comic books, after all of this time? And two, if yes, what is your preferred medium, paperback or digital?

Mario E. Martinez: Yes, I'm still a fan of comics but I'm very selective. Spawn will always be my favorite. Spider–Man and recently Batman, well Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman. My preferred medium is, was, and always will be, paperback.

C.W. Winters: Jumping to the present, what do you do for fun nowadays?

Mario E. Martinez: Right now I'm very into collecting past Todd McFarlane's Spawn figures/statues. I have no clue how I have never collected these in the past. And I have been dabbling back into inking over the past year. I plan on really hitting that hard this year. I want to go pro.

C.W. Winters: As a Inker, what is your feeling about less and less artists using pencil and paper, and going straight digital?

Mario E. Martinez: I hate it. I understand it's more cost effective and quicker. But to me comics just lose something when it's done digitally. It seems like there is less life in the lines. Hope that makes sense.

C.W. Winters: Completely, sir. Do you still use traditional inks and nibs or have you gone to digital inking?

Mario E. Martinez: I still do everything traditional. Dip pens, brushes and white out. Been told by current professional inkers to learn how to ink digitally though. I may have to convert one day.

C.W. Winters: Speaking of inking, I saw some of your work on Twitter and a few of the industry professionals giving you input. How helpful is their insight into your work?

Mario E. Martinez: Oh, their input is very helpful. If I don't know what's broke I don't know what to fix. I got one comment and it seemed to be the consensus, practice my line weights.

C.W. Winters: What inspired you to become an inker in the first place?

Mario E. Martinez: Mr. Montoya got me into inking to help speed up the process of his comic. His penciler was inking his own work and he was taking way too long to do both.

C.W. Winters: Do you recall what was your very first inking project was and who was the penciler?

Mario E. Martinez: The first thing I ever inked was by Slim Black, and we worked on a project called Ayot Nom: Bloody Red Path by Dark Myth Comics.

C.W. Winters: Who's pencils do you enjoy working with the most?

Mario E. Martinez: I've only inked over copies of professional pencils but I do enjoy Greg Capullo's pencils.

C.W. Winters: What would be your dream project to work on and who with?

Mario E. Martinez: My dream project would be Spawn written by Todd McFarlane, pencils by Greg Capullo and inked by me.

C.W. Winters: What are you currently working on as far as inking?

Mario E. Martinez: Right now I'm inking stuff I can pull off of the internet. I've done Greg Capullo and Jonboy Meyers so far.

C.W. Winters: Is there anything in the works as far as inking professionally?

Mario E. Martinez: Right now, I'm trying to put together a portfolio. I'd love to go professional. As I stated I'm going hard this year.

C.W. Winters: If any of our readers want to contact you via social media, what outlets can they find you at?

Mario E. Martinez: Only on Twitter at the moment. WWW.Twitter.Com/M_Martinez_32

C.W. Winters: Thank you, again, for your time, before we sign off, is there anything that you would like to say as a parting note to our readers?

Mario E. Martinez: Thank you for having me. For fans that have been around from the beginning and new fans, get ready for a great year from The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company. I'm hearing good things from Mr. Montoya. Again thank you for having me.

Thank you! And thank you to the management for having me come back once more for this issue. As we conclude this episode, I turn it over to the one and only, Myth Master!

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