Interview with Michael A. Arnold
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Once again I am summoned by the you, the fans. I do your bidding, and provide only my absolute best to bring you quality torture. :)

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Here is our latest session for you eager little cretins to enjoy.

Michael A. Arnold is a writer of poetry and short stories. He does not tend to stick to any one genre, and have had horror and fantasy stories published – including one short story published in the Crossroads in the Dark 2: Urban Legends anthology based on a piece of Japanese folklore.

He is a graduate of the University of Sunderland (B.A. and teaching qualification) and Northumbria University (M.A. in English Literature, and he is based in the North East England, Northumberland. To describe Northumberland in a sentence, it's rather a lot like Tolkien's Middle Earth.

He used to be a teacher, and now still works in an educational establishment but doing something completely different. In his free time he writes poems and short stories; poems primarily based in and around his home County of Northumberland. His short stories are more random. He absolutely loves nature, which always serves to inspire him, and loves words just as much.

He cannot remember when he first started writing, it was something that he has always done. Although as a child he hid bits of writing so well they are lost – perhaps for the better.

He loves reading, in all its forms, having a great love of horror and adventure stories. And has a great love of Classics, and medieval and ancient history. His favorite writers include George Orwell, Dante, Catullus, J.R.R Tolkien, and Robert Frost; he has probably bored his friends to death talking about these writers.

Myth Master: Your Facebook feed has several videos of guitar/rock, are you a fan of that?  

Michael A. Arnold: Absolutely. I love music in general. If I had to listen to one genre for the rest of my life, though, it would be alternative rock. I am very much a child of the 90s – grew up listening to bands like Green Day, Nirvana, REM, Ocean Color Scene and Oasis – and that's the sort of band and sound has really powerful associations for me.

My favorite bands are probably REM, Porcupine Tree, Portishead, and Poets of the Fall – and I think writing not only helps keep my writing head focused, I think it also influences what I write too. I think it's a sort of symbiotic thing. A lot of my writing has this sort of somber edge I think, and that is very much a part of the sort of music I really enjoy. 

I do play guitar too, but not well. I like to just strum a few chords sometimes, it helps me think. 

Myth Master: Are you much of a traveler? 

Michael A. Arnold: I guess so. I've never thought of myself as one, but living in Europe like I do – traveling is very cheap and easy. I absolutely love Italy, Greece; last year I went to Florence and it absolutely blew me away. It's one of those places where you get to a point where you think 'Ok, I've seen everything, nothing else can amaze me now' and then you turn a corner and there's something else. I could spend days, did spend days, just walking around. It was so cool seeing where Dante lived – I did my BA dissertation on him.

Myth Master: What is a mis–conception most people have about the UK?

Michael A. Arnold: That we are all polite. That we all talk like Hugh Grant. Or that we are a single nation. I cannot pick just one.  

Myth Master: What is something that you are 100% passionate about?

Michael A. Arnold: Other than literature, I have a big passion for philosophy, and art in general, but 100% passionate about? It might sound weird, but languages – I absolutely love languages and learning other languages. There are also certain political movements I'm dedicated to supporting, such as CND – especially those that advocate mental health support, I think that's vital in our day and age.

I'm not terribly into football, or soccer – which here in the UK is almost a crime for a bloke. In fact, actually, that's my answer – I'm 100% passionate about being 100% disinterested in soccer. 

I like Rugby, though. 

Myth Master: Something that annoys you?  

Michael A. Arnold: When people hate each other for no reason, I don't understand that at all. And when someone sends you a message they swear is amazing, and you'll love it, and when you click on it 'This is not available in your country'. WHHHATTTTT!!!!

Myth Master: Greatest fear? 

Michael A. Arnold: The extermination of all life on earth because of a global thermonuclear war. I watched the film Threads and it … it haunts me. The idea we could literally not just end our species, but potentially all life on earth, with the massive nuclear stockpiles we have – and in the process destroying our beautiful and fragile world. It's so chilling. I'm an agnostic, I don't tend to think there's any such thing as the supernatural – I think our potential to destroy ourselves is a horror enough. 

Well fans it's now time for me to take Michael further into the darkest part of my chambers for his podcast.

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Books mentioned: On the Beach Paperback by Nevil Shute

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