Interview with Christopher Bice
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Be welcome and stay a while,

will you pet my crocodile?

Let us meet our newest friend,

and send him to a grisly end.

Should we savor or just plain slay,

which torture is it today?

He’s a poet of a sort, yet I bet he’ll spill,

his juicy secrets before I kill.

I take great pride in my evil ways,

as I prepare him for his final days.

My chamber is always open to one and all,

striking fear when I come to call.

To all who enter, be ye warned of me,

for even Hell is a nicer place to be.

Alright, enough of the poetry jazz!


Woo Hoo!!

He's Christopher Bice and he's found himself in my chamber just itching to tell his tale!

Myth Master: Alright Chris… do the intro thing.

Christopher Bice: At 62 I'm still the youngest of four siblings.

I was a high school dropout and went to work full time at the age of 15.

Two years later we moved to northern British Columbia where I spent the next 17 years. I married very young and when my marriage ended, I moved back to Ontario.

I was having difficulty getting work without my grade 13 diploma so I went back to school and then on to college for a couple of years. Finally at age 37, I got a diploma for small business development.

I met my wife Janet through an online dating site. At the age of 54 I suffered a severe heart attack and I retired from full time employment. I started driving school bus for the next couple of years before graduating to full retirement.

When my wife retired we decided to move closer to family and that meant packing everything up and heading West one last time. We settled in the town of Coalhurst Alberta which is just outside of Lethbridge.

My hobbies include fly fishing, camping, playing bridge and of course I enjoy playing my ukulele and trying to sing a song or two.

I didn't start writing seriously until we did the snowbird thing and went to Yuma, Arizona in 2016. I joined the writing group there and when we came home I joined The River Bottom Writers. I also joined the CBC Canada Writes Facebook group where I met your Stephanie Bardy. She invited me to send some of my work in for review. So far I think that we're a good fit and I've been enjoying myself.

Myth Master: Did online dating scare you or was it another matter all together?

Christopher Bice: Not at first although it did seem like just a meat market and not really a place to meet someone that wanted a real relationship. When I moved into the Toronto area, oh yeah big time nervous. But one just has to be honest with their profile and see what happens.

Myth Master: Why ukulele?

Christopher Bice: LOL!  When we were dating my wife wanted to go to the local music store one Sunday for a free “try a ukulele” jam session. I bought my first one then. I now have 2 electric, 3 regular and a banjo model. Great for camping. The wife went back to her accordion and we jam together.

Myth Master: What is one thing people often get wrong about you?

Christopher Bice: Just one!?? I guess people think I'm much older than I am. Must be the grey hair and the amount of skin gleaming in the sunlight. 

Myth Master: Any future writing goals?

Christopher Bice: Maybe to publish a poetry book sometime.

Would you like to actually hear what Chris says about a deadly experience he had?

Would you like to hear about his vacation plans or the northern lights?

Then CLICK HERE for his podcast!!

Yours in torture,

MM ;)

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