Interview with Stephanie Bardy
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

So readers, here we are. With Stephanie Bardy. A second time. UGH.

Why me?

Because I am a glutton for punishment and torture of course!!

With that being said here is a short bio about her, I mean after all you fans should always have fun learning all the deep secrets about your favorite authors as much as I do.

Stephanie J Bardy is the author of Eternally Bound, the first in the Bound series, available on Amazon, which is in every country you happen to be in. She has been creating stories and plays since she was 6 when she did a whole musical production based off of the Kenny Rogers album Greatest Hits, for her parents anniversary.

She is the current Editor In Chief of The World of Myth Magazine, host for The World of Myth Bits weekly podcast, *EDIT* which is the SECOND most awesome podcast linked to The world of Myth.

She has several poems, and a continuing series published on said magazine, and is generally an all around fun Canadian gal!

So then fans, how shall we begin?

Our showdown is one for the ages and trust me when I say that I have more than a few surprises in store for her.

Listen in and watch the Myth Master show you what he's truly capable of!!

Should any of you wish to suggest a ‘person of interest' to me or have some great questions for an upcoming author, please feel free to send emails to

Yours in torture,

MM ;)

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