Interview with Jeff R. Young
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

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Jeff R. Young: In truth, I believe I am a creature of chaos since my household consists of my wife and me, three teenage kids, four dogs, and four cats. One might imagine I would have little time to myself, but I have an office/man cave I can call my own and am rarely bothered while I work. I have several hobbies that help keep me sane, like shooting in dart leagues and tournaments, playing video games and taking my wife to our cabin to get what we call gunpowder therapy.

Besides my mentioned hobbies, I have the deepest love for writing. It started back about twenty years ago when I knew little to nothing about the art except that I had a multitude of ideas. I began by writing poetry, which happens to be mostly dark and Gothic. My inner demons are my most reliable muse, but during that time I got into playing Dungeons and Dragons and created a character that helped me form ideas for stories. So I gathered my courage and began to write short tales based on him and a few other characters. As I wrote those short stories I began to learn the concepts of what would (at least I hoped) make an interesting tale worth reading. So, for a few years, I've been working on telling the stories of these characters.

Then, the open contract challenge happened, and I humbly found I did indeed possess some talent as I made it all the way to earn the second-place prize, which I consider the launch of what I hope will be a long successful career in writing.

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