Interview with Sam Phillips
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Oh? What's this?!

A fresh new victim!

For me?

Aww, I'm so delighted!

Well, it seems like it's that time of year for all you ‘normals' to celebrate some kind of giving holiday.

My gift to you?


Let's see how well he fares when face to face with…


This time it's an Australian!

Ohhh…the jokes!

Do tell us about yourself.

Sam M. Phillips is the co-founder of Zombie Pirate Publishing, producing short story anthologies and helping emerging writers. His own work has appeared in dozens of anthologies and magazines such as Full Metal Horror and World War Four.

He recently published his debut novella, SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE: Phosphorus & Into The Eye, available from

He lives in northern New South Wales, Australia, and enjoys reading, walking, and playing drums in the death metal band Decryptus. He is also a prolific poet and his poetry can be read on his blog

Click HERE to Sam's podcast!

Till next time!

MM ;)

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