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The World of Myth Movie Reviews

Hi, everyone! This is Rebecca, 'Gurl of Myth' Lofgren and I get to play at being your movie critic here at "The World of Myth" (well, at least for this month, anyway--something about reaper Rick having to do a long stint of 'Shock Therapy') and besides, I was just way too tired of not seeing a woman's point of view around here.

So, I figured I could add a little 'estrogen' to this bunch and hopefully you will find my reviews informative, enjoyable and not too harsh (sorry, but I'm very opinionated). Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think about my reviews in the Forum.

The first movie I'm going to review is, "Hide and Seek". Okay, so here's the plot: David Calloway was a successful psychiatrist with a happy family, until his wife decided to take her own life. The worst part was his daughter, Emily, saw her mother's lifeless body in the tub! David could see that his wife's death had mentally affected his daughter, because she had been a happy little girl, who was full of life, but became cold and distant as a result of her mother's suicide. So, her father decided to move to the country, hoping the change would be better for her.

At first things were fine. She became more open and responsive, until she met Charlie. Charlie was a friend who just happened to be invisible, to everyone but Emily. The longer she hung around with Charlie, the more detached and sadistic she became. But, who was Charlie? Was he imaginary or was he somehow real and if so, where did he come from?

I loved this film and I must say Dakota Fanning is the 'best' child actress I have ever seen! And even though I can't stand Robert De Nero, we all know he's a really good actor. This movie was full of suspense and it will have you on the edge of your seats and always guessing. So, this movie certainly deserves three and a half Howls of Pleasure.

My next flick is Will Smith, in "Hitch". Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) is a Love Doctor who has all the right answers for any man who needs to know how to charm a lady, even though he can't seem to do it for himself! That is, until he meets an opinionated, as well as quite stubborn journalist (Eva Mendez) and his whole world gets turned upside down. It doesn't help that his latest client has fallen in love with a celebrity, either. In the end, does Hitch find out that love is just heartache and betrayal, and if so, is it all worth it?

Well, go see the movie and find out. And find out why I really enjoyed this film--it was full of hilarity and superb acting and besides, who doesn't love Big Willie? I also like that Will decided to do a 'chick flick', so "Hitch" gets three Howls of Pleasure.

Let's change gears for a moment and review the only DVD selection I have for this month--A.V.P. (Alien vs. Predator). The movie takes off with the discovery of an ancient pyramid (which they believe to be the 'very first' pyramid) buried in the ice of Antarctica. A team of scientists and other experts head to the scene so they can claim the pyramid for themselves. Little did they know they were going to be caught up in a battle between Alien and Predator (hence the name). As the movie goes on, they wander around inside the pyramid and somehow unleash the aliens (I think they step on a button, or something).

To sum it up, about thirty minutes into the movie, everyone dies but two people. The reason everybody gets killed is because, A) they released the aliens, who then went around killing almost everyone, and the ones they didn't kill outright, they used as nesting material for their demon spawn. And, B), they inadvertently picked up the predator's big, laser-sighted, shoulder-mounted, alien-killing guns, so the big guys were really pissed and they managed to kill a few of the science-type people, too. So, finally, there is just one predator, up against an army of aliens and the predator teams up with the lone, surviving human, who just happens to be a female, because she managed (accidentally) to kill one of the aliens and the predator decides she must be an ally. Must I add that there is this really disgusting sexual tension between the lady and the predator--please excuse me, I'm gagging.

My likes are the effects--they were brilliant. They had the aliens looking good and the acting wasn't bad, either. I didn't like how 'cheesy' the movie was or that it had nothing to do with the prior stories of Alien, or Predator. I mostly hated how played out it was. This movie literally put me to sleep, so it gets a mere one half Howl of Pleasure.

The last movie I wish to go over with you is, "Constantine". This movie is an adaptation of the not so well known and very much adult oriented comic book, "Hellblazer". The plot goes something like this: As a child, John saw many things that he couldn't explain and when he went to his parents and told them what he was seeing, they swore he was crazy. So, for most of his childhood, John went to visit psychiatrists, who put him on medication. Then, when he was fourteen, he was on the very brink and decided to take his own life. In a flash, he realized everything he had seen as a child was real and he was actually in the pit of hell.

Suddenly he was brought back to life and realized god had given him another chance. But, here's the twisted part. He had already taken his life and committed a cardinal sin, for which there is no forgiveness. Or is there? John then decides to become an exorcist. If he couldn't pray his way into heaven, then he could surely buy his way in. He didn't realize, however, that getting into heaven wasn't about working your way there, it was about giving of yourself, freely.

And, when you think it couldn't get any worse for John, love somehow wanders its way into his life. It's hard enough to love himself, so how can he love another? Is his twisted fate all part of a bigger picture? This movie really left me in awe; with strong characters and an even stronger plot, it will make you want to watch it again and again.

I really enjoyed this picture, because it gives you a different look at religion, unlike any other exorcist movie. I like the fact that even in all that madness, they still manage to work love into it and I also really enjoyed that it had a comedic quality, even though it is mostly a serious movie. But, the comedic quality isn't really a 'laugh your ass off' kind of funny, but a sarcastic funny and I love sarcasm. So, to conclude, I'm giving this movie four Howls of Pleasure.

Well, that's it for me, folks. Either Rick or Grim will be returning next month to give you their two cents on things and for myself, I hope you've enjoyed my reviews. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to hit me up in the Forum.

Rebecca 'Gurl of Myth' Lofgren

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