Interview with Zoie M. Montoya
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Myth Master:What is this stuffed rabbit doing in my lair?

Why is the lair door wide open?!

It smells like sugar, spice and…oh no.

My fans are here too!

"Um, hello!"

Zoie Montoya:Don't mind me I'm just airing out the lair and…

Myth Master:HOW did this young child get in here?

Who are you?

Zoie Montoya:"I'm Zoie Montoya and I am 8 years old and am in First grade. I love to draw, tell stories and play games, love "Gacha Life." I have done podcasts with my Daddy on Flashback Fridays and My Public Life as an American Nerd, but my first time was when I was four and saw Secret Life of Pets.

My favorite thing to draw are unicorns and beanie babies. Anything that is cute really. I also like to talk about my favorite stuffed animals which was a birthday present from my mom in heaven when I was two. I am working hard to get over my dyslexia, so I can read words and numbers better. I have one older brother and one younger sister.

We went to PCE last week and got to chase Baby Yoda, but didn't get to meet Mister Whiskers. I got to meet the voice of Donald Duck in Person and the Myth Master! My favorite thing to watch is "Gravity Falls," and "Amphibia" on Disney +. My favorite heroes are Wonder Woman and Batman People I look up to Daddy, Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Eron and Stephanie (Lupa).

I have a few questions for Myth Master.

Where did the Myth Master come from?

When did he make the voice?

Did you like the picture I made?

Myth Master:Easy, easy young one. Since you are here let us sit down and have ourselves a podcast.

So, will I spare this little ball of cuteness? Listen and hear for yourself?

Yours in torture,

MM ;)

Click HERE if you want to listen to the podcast (and also if you think Stephanie Bardy is a huge flaming imbecile…and even you don't, just click the thing.)

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