Interview with Vincent May
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

What's all this about some kind of virus upstaging me?

I'll not have it!!

I am the annoying zit on the ass of society and no one else!

It's time to remind the world of my evil once again!!

Myth Master:Okay fresh meat…talk!

Vincent May: My name is Vincent May, I am 29 years old from Lucerne valley California, and I am a visual Development artist. Basically what my job is is to take an idea in my clients head and put in into a 2D representation. This can range anywhere from portraits, fan art, graphic designer, character design, prop design and pretty much what ever else you can think of.

I graduated from academy of university where I studied concept art, game design, and illustration. I originally went to school to make concept art for video games and television but life kinda had other plans. After college I started making art work freelance doing graphic design and fan art. This lead to making art work for cos players, book covers, and most recently comic books.

I've been working in the art industry for a little over 8 years now, and have been published by numerous sources such as DC comics, HD comic cult, The Armenian writers association of California, and more. I work mostly on a client to client bases making a multitude of different commissions for all kinds purposes, but in my free time I am currently working on my own original comic book. This means that I have officially ventured into the realm of writing which is a new and exciting path for me. 

Facebook: ArtByVAM

How will Vincent do?

Will he squirm as I ask him my famous questions!? Oh, hope so!

Stay tuned after the show for a special post–interview session with my lame counter–part Kevin. Click HERE for Myth Master Unleashed!

Yours in torture,

MM ;)

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