Interview with Katie Bardy
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

What's that smell? It seems familiar…

Like a certain snarky author I know, but different.


Myth Master:Who's there today?!

Katie Bardy:Hello, my name is Kathryn–lyn Hope Bardy. You can call me Katie, I am 19 years of age and my birthday is in October 

Some things I like are obviously cats as I have way too many ( not in my eyes) I love music, art, singing and drawing. I tend to spend too much of my time on social media and sleeping. I enjoy spending time with my cats, family, friends and my boyfriend but I hate meeting new people. 

I don't enjoy going out or being left alone for too long, I have a job but didn't finish high school (yay me… not) I do hope to go back and get my grade 12 so I can go to college for psychology and counseling. I have two brothers but tend to tell people I have one, also two sisters but they aren't related to me. I have three beautiful nieces and two nephews (one is my best friend's sons) whom are my everything. I hope to have kids in the future, one boy one girl, also to be married by 23.

I have depression, anxiety and PTSD in which I'm open about now that I'm older and know that I'm not alone in the world. I have really bad memory so I tend to get in trouble because I forget things quickly. There isn't much else about me to say. I'm the youngest of three kids. I'm basically an open book :)

Myth Master:Open book eh?

Let's find out!!

Listen to the podcast and check out the movie trailer links below!!

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Yours in torture,

MM ;)

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