Interview with Dawn DeBraal
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Well here we are, yet another glorius day for killing and maming. Ahh…What bliss.
Let's get right to the fun!
Here's my next guest: Dawn DeBraal
Alright woman…do the stuff!

Dawn DeBraal: I was a singer-songwriter for many years, of Christian Music International Habitat for Humanity Song Book Make this House a Home.

In 1999 I won 75$ in Your Daily Poem Uncanny Predictions.

I retired early in 2018. My husband of 44 years and I became snowbirds in Florida. After a week of looking at one another, I knew I needed to get something else to do, or one of us was not going to make it through the winter, alive.

Spillwords, an online magazine offered a Christmas story competition. I wrote up something and sent it in. I didn't win the competition, but they accepted my story. I sent out two other stories to different publications and got two more acceptances! Well now I was addicted.

Then I got my first rejection. I've had a lot of those since then, but those three in a row gave me the confidence to keep trying. I was November 2019 Author of the Month.

I grew up reading and have always had a fertile imagination.

The first year of writing I was nominated for the 2019 Push-Cart Award. I didn't even know what that was.

The World of Myth, Stephanie and David have been exceptional in their support to me in publishing my stories.

Terrorhouse Magazine has helped with my "Lord's Prayer Series." I write a horror story to each line of the Lord's Prayer.

Co-wrote a 43 K novel with Copper Rose AKA Julie Eger waiting to hear back on "What the Hell Happened to Joan?"

232 Accepted stories and over 60 Anthologies

I love psychological horror vs. gore.

Recently trying Sci Fi and Fantasy. I am on the Board for Paper Djinn Press, Umair Mirxa Editor.

I love authors and how they support one another.

Boy, she sounds like a real hoot!! Let's torture the CRAP out her shall we!

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