Interview with Matt Lucas
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Woof, is it that time again already?

It can be soo tiresome being so evil.

Who am I kidding, it's GREAT!

Let's get November over with and torture someone new!

Yay Me!!

Here's the details on the one and only Matt Lucas!!

Matt Lucas writes varying forms of speculative fiction, including urban fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, and horror. His style often weaves these genres together in an action-packed, thought-provoking manner. Teeming with fresh ideas, Matt's published works include series, novelettes, short stories, and flash fiction. He also partners with Labyrinth Literary Agency in pitching his debut novel, The Shadow Gospels. This is an apocalyptic narrative the blends masked vigilantes, political conspiracy, supernatural warfare, and gritty action. This planned trilogy's release date is to be determined.

Recently, Matt has partnered with the online subscription service, Channillo, to develop an alternate history/fantasy series "Hunting the Gods." For those familiar with "Neo-Exodus", which appeared in World of Myth's February – April 2020 issues, this is a continuation of the Allied soldiers' stories. In these monthly releases, you'll meet more gods and demons of myth, experience the supernatural realm, and even travel through time.

In the coming months, Matt will have appearances in anthologies published by Black Hare Press, Zombieworks Publishing, and Spectral Visions Press. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattDLuke for more updates on these releases.

When he's not battering his keyboard and scribbling notes on scraps of paper, Matt enjoys quality time with his fiancée, Daniela, family, and friends. He's an active member of his church community and writes for their blog periodically. Other hobbies and interests include hiking, kayaking, traveling (when its not a pandemic), studying history and theology, and losing in heartbreaking fashion in fantasy football.

Enough about him, because we all know this whole interview and podcast thing is about ME!

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Yours in torture,
MM ;)

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